Relaxation Therapy


The following Relaxation Massages are performed by professional masseuse, and are not eligible for insurance receipts

Relaxation Massage

30mins $50 - 60mins $75 - 90mins $105
Therapeutic hands that individually treat specific areas of soreness and tension. Your therapist will consult with you to enable them to provide the best treatment.

Back, Neck and Shoulders

25mins $45
Quick relief for the individuals who want specific attention to problem areas. This relaxing massage concentrates on the back, shoulders and neck area to ease the tension of the day-to-day stress

Deep Tissue Massage

30mins $50 - 60mins $75 - 90mins $105
Therapeutic hands addressing tension problems in the deeper muscle layers. Excellent remedy for headaches, neck, shoulders or lower back pain.

Sports Massage

30mins $50 - 60mins $75 - 90mins $105
A variety of techniques including effleurage and deep tissue are used to address and remedy muscle tension, fatigue and helps speed recovery from exertion.

Prenatal Massage

30mins $50 - 60mins $75 - 90mins $105
This massage is for every expectant mother with special aches and pains that arise during pregnancy. Relax while caring hands knead away tension and icrease circulation.

Aromatherapy Massage

30mins $50 - 60mins $75 - 90mins $105
A favorite for those desiring gentle relaxation. Oil is applied using light to medium pressure to promote circulation with gentle kneading of tired muscles.

Hot Stone Massage

90mins $105
Stone massage involves the application of water-heated smooth basalt stones to key points on the body, giving deep massage and creating sensations of comfort and warmth.

Relaxation Therapy
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